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Improved Skills, Confidence and Increased Wage Potential

Small Businesses need full charge bookkeepers that can complete most commonly asked bookkeeping tasks required in a small business.

Full Charge Bookkeeping Tasks Include:

  1. Maintain an Accurate Checking Account Balance
  2. Invoicing, Receiving Payments and Making Deposits, Updating Receivables, Collections
  3.  Performing Collections Work to Reminder Customer's of Balances Owed
  4. Entering and Paying Bills on Time, Processing Credit Card Statements, Printing Mailing Checks
  5.  Processing Payroll, Paying Payroll Taxes, Filing Quarterly and Annual Reports
  6.  Running Monthly Reports, Sales, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Budget vs Actual Reports
  7.  Maintain Accounting Office Filing

Our "Bookkeeping Organized Office Model" (BOOM) combined with our "Full Charge Bookkeeping Systems" work together to achieve incredible results.


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